12 Mouat St, Fremantle, Western Australia 6160




How does acupuncture work?

​The body is patterned by energetic pathways or circuitry balancing and regulating the electromagnetic responses between the mind, body, and spirit (intellect, will, imagination). Illness and disease are the result of these pathways becoming "weakened" due to lack or excessiveness of particular actions or conduct. Acupuncture is clarified by the concept of "qi" as electromagnetic power, inwardly referred as vital energy. By needling specific points or conduits, currents of vital energies stimulate and strengthen the bodily vehicle catalysing the ways of empowerment and balancing or healing.

What to expect and how to prepare?

My office is located in Fremantle operating along with allied health professionals, parking space is found within the surrounding streets or free at the Fleet Street jetty. Wear comfortable clothing if possible, undressing is optional as I am able to work around clothing.

*For the moment I solely provide mobile acupuncture within arranged upon time and date suiting your circumstances, I then proceed to your location with portable equipment.


How many treatments do I need?

Acute conditions are generally treatable within the first or second session, however they are presentations of broader patterns of chronic disharmony. It is your choice to incorporate chinese medical care into your way of living and reap its long-term benefits.


What is the pricing?


1 hour


*Chinese herbal medicine dispensing is optional with individualised pricing 

What ancillary and other services do you provide?


Eftpos (portable), sick certificates, interprofessional support.

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